Portfoliossani voit nähdä muita töitäni, saada ideoita ja inspiroitua. Työt, jotka näet täällä, eivät ikävä kyllä ole saatavilla, mutta ne osaltaan kertovat tarinaa minusta ja auttaa sinua rakentamaan kuvan minusta niin ihmisenä kuin taiteilijanakin.

In my portfolio you can see my other works, get ideas and get inspired. The art you see here is not available unfortunately, but they help me to tell my story. Through them you can get an idea about me as a person and as an artist.



Oh Deer

One of my all time favorite subjects to paint has been deers. There is just that something unexplainable in them that simply touches my soul... probably the one famous Bambi has got something to do with it. This one I painted on plywood using oil colors (60x40cm).



Water lilies

Another favorite - water lily. A subject I always return to. Even while working a painting in studio already the idea of a pond with water lilies calms me down and makes me forget the surroundings. The shape of the floating leaves, the beauty of the flowers... the light that hits them differently depending of the hour. So many things on them that both fascinates and challenges me as a painter. These two were painted on canvas using acrylic colors (80x100cm)



And bees. Sometimes apple, sometimes cotton, sometimes roses, flax, daisies. Did I mention tulips. They all inspire me greatly and can they even exist without a bee. The cute and furry like yet so crucial. Flowers more than often take an abstract form and dramatic shapes and shades. A flower and a bee pictured here in a painting done on canvas by acrylic colors (80x100cm).


There cannot be enough of them. Sometimes they are the white ones with a dramatic backdrop that captures the feeling lights up the room. This bunch was painted on plywood using oil colors (60x40cm)


I admit, I am bit of a dreamer and I encourage everyone, anywhere to dream, too. The bambi in a fantasy forest - commission work painted using acrylic colors on canvas for a children's room (90x70cm).

Space - opportunities?

Worried about the future and if we, people, are able to change our ways and slow down the climate change for ensuring our children and their children can enjoy the Earth as we know if, I bace to think space. Can it offer us a second chance if we fail? This one, painted on canvas using acrylic and oil colors (90x60).


The bond to treasure. Mother and a child painted on a plywood using acrylic colors (85x70cm).

Human figures

The stories our bodies tell. Simply the figures, the postures and positions, they say a lot. Even when they just are. Painted on canvas using acrylic colors (120x120cm)


Stardust - don't we all need some in our lives every now and then. Acrylic colors on plywood (80x60cm).

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